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The Splittable Monolith with Spring Boot and Gradle multi-module project – Part 2

Configuring isolated persistent units within a single Spring-Boot Application Since we are running independent modules in the same runtime, we have to ensure isolated data sources within our Spring-Boot application. Going this way we can easily move the persistent units […]

The Splittable Monolith with Spring Boot and Gradle multi module project – Part 1

Motivation and Idea Nowadays a lot of new projects tend to apply the microservice-architecture right away. Sometimes it’s the right way, especially if the analysis is done, the domain is broken-down on pieces and all technical aspects are clear. But […]

Spring Boot Custom Validation

Table of contents: Overview Constraint types Start a sample project Validation of nested objects Custom Validation Custom Validation Error Message in Spring Boot Testing of the REST Controller Overview Bean Validation API defines a powerful mechanism, which ensures validation of […]

Flexible RSQL-based data filtering service

In this article, we will be talking about, how to build universal filtering Spring-service, which works with JPA-model using hibernate and is based on RSQL. On one of the projects, I encountered a situation, wherewith limited resources, my team had […]