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Separate unit and integration tests in Gradle Project

Let’s say we have to implement some integration tests within our gradle project and we want to keep them separately from unit tests. The project in this case may look like: So, we have three folders: main (with sources), test […]

The Splittable Monolith with Spring Boot and Gradle multi-module project – Part 2

Configuring isolated persistent units within a single Spring-Boot Application Since we are running independent modules in the same runtime, we have to ensure isolated data sources within our Spring-Boot application. Going this way we can easily move the persistent units […]

The Splittable Monolith with Spring Boot and Gradle multi module project – Part 1

Motivation and Idea Nowadays a lot of new projects tend to apply the microservice-architecture right away. Sometimes it’s the right way, especially if the analysis is done, the domain is broken-down on pieces and all technical aspects are clear. But […]